Sean Hannity Says Fans Should Sing Anthem At All Events And “Take Their Sports Back”

( Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has a radical idea to take back sports from far-left ideologues…he says fans should sing the national anthem at games from now on.

It comes after fans of the NHL were caught on camera loudly belting out America’s national anthem during the recent Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It means that far-left athletes who hate the anthem, or who kneel at the sound of it, will be drowned out and overshadowed by the overwhelming force and sound of thousands of Americans signing with pride.

You can see the incredible moment from July 7 when thousands of Americans joined in to sing the national anthem in the clips below.

During a recent news segment, Hannity said that he wants fans at every sporting event to “loudly, proudly, unapologetically” sing The Star-Spangled Banner.

“I want this to become the norm,” he said, referencing baseball, football, UFC, and more.

The call for unity at sports games comes as America’s sports games become increasingly polarized. Gwen Berry, the Olympic hammer thrower who recently placed a tee-shirt over her head and turned away from the flag when the national anthem played during a medal ceremony last month, indicated that she may do exactly the same thing when it comes to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Berry claimed that she was “set up” and that the anthem was only played when she was on the podium to force her to react, but she didn’t offer an explanation for why the anthem is played at the end of literally every other Olympic qualifying event.

You can check out the report and further commentary from Hannity here.

What do you think – is it time for spectators to step up and drown out far-left activist athletes who make anti-American protests during games?