School Tells Students To Focus On “Skin Color” In Shocking Revelation

( A Virginia dad criticized a school district’s “anti-racism” policy and curriculum, claiming administrators ignored his concerns about his son’s exposure to racist and unconstitutional material.

Last Monday, Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Claude Worrell rejected a complaint brought by numerous parent organizations against the Albemarle School District over alleged racist and color-based curricula.

The parents’ lawyers, Alliance Defending Freedom, are awaiting a formal dismissal and plan to appeal.

One of the parents engaged in the lawsuit, Matt, spoke with The Daily Wire about his problems with the district’s anti-racism policy. Matt, who went to the same school as his son, thinks the school focuses too much on skin color.

In his opinion, contentious themes should not be taught in schools, especially middle schools.

Matt claimed his kid was exposed to some of the divisive concepts in his homeroom lesson, but he couldn’t fully safeguard him because the concepts are intertwined into every subject.

He said his kid was personally attacked in English class for his views on the subject.
The district’s policy defines terms like “anti-racism,” “individual racism,” and “institutional racism” online.

The policy defines institutional racism as “policies, practices, and processes that frequently inadvertently promote inequitable results for persons of color and advantages for white people.”

On the district’s website are documents asking, “Am I an anti-racist?” and an anonymous reporting mechanism for racism.

Judge Worrell supported the division’s anti-racism policy, according to Albemarle County School District spokesperson Phil Giaramita.

Giaramita said they were delighted that the court agreed with their assessment that the policy’s execution had not caused substantial student damage. There were no allegations that could be evaluated based on legal principles.

Parents’ lawyer Kate Anderson said kids were advised to place “white” and “Christian” into a “dominant box,” then encouraged to “dismantle the box” and complete an anti-racist vow.

The growing focus on race instead of academics is upsetting some teachers, says Anderson.

The school policy personalized it by informing pupils that only white people can be racist. She argues that all white students are directly liable for racism.

Anderson stated that minorities were taught they couldn’t achieve due to racism and persecution. Matt says some of his co-plaintiffs are minority parents, and he fears the policy has made their kids feel “isolated.”

And he says he spoke to the school’s principal, vice-principal, and superintendent but got little reaction. He felt “ignored,” and the curriculum utilized was unconstitutional.

“Kids shouldn’t have to focus on their skin color,” he concluded.