Schiff Threatens Contempt Charges For Trump Allies

( Ever since the House Select Committee investigating January 6 announced its first round of subpoenas, committee member and RussiaGate fabulist Adam Schiff can’t stop threatening to charge people with criminal contempt.

It’s almost as if Schiff is hoping the subpoenas are ignored so he can run to the DOJ and ask them to file charges.

Just as the subpoenas for former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, former Pentagon official Kash Patel, longtime Trump aide Dan Scavino and podcaster Steve Bannon were issued, Schiff was out there preening like a peacock and saying that they would face criminal contempt charges if they defy the committee’s subpoenas.

And here it is several weeks later, and he is still bloviating about it.

Watch HERE.

But Schiff isn’t the only one on the committee who seems eager to send people to jail. The Democrats and their two Republican puppies are also going on CNN and MSNBC to issue threats of criminal contempt while claiming that Patel, Scavino, Meadows, and Bannon all have information regarding what President Trump was doing on January 6. And if they refuse to show up, heaven help them.

You can see who the real target of this investigation is, can’t you?

Schiff told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Bannon and the others “could go to jail” for defying these stupid subpoenas.

Not one of these four have ever been connected to the 3-hour riot. Nor have they been implicated in any of the federal criminal proceedings against the hundreds of rioters already arrested.

But Schiff has long desired to get Bannon and Kash Patel for something. Patel, you may recall, once worked for Schiff’s colleague Devin Nunes. In fact, Patel was instrumental in tearing apart the entire Crossfire Hurricane phony investigation into Trump.

Schiff tried to ensnare Patel during his first impeachment investigation but failed – mostly because there was nothing to connect Patel to it.

You don’t think Adam Schiff would love nothing more than to put Kash Patel in jail? Thanks to Patel’s tireless work, all of Schiff’s RussiaGate claims fell apart. In short, Patel made a fool of the man.

And when it comes to Steve Bannon, Schiff would love Bannon to get charged with contempt for no other reason than he despises the man.

The problem is, Steve Bannon is a private citizen. He had not been a part of the Trump administration for three years by the time the January 6 riot took place. Congress doesn’t have oversight over private citizens. So how exactly can they enforce a subpoena compelling him to testify?