Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reveals Update About Her Cancer

Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed earlier this month that she underwent successful surgery for thyroid cancer.

The Arkansas Republican gubernatorial candidate released a statement on September 16 revealing that during a routine check-up in early September, her doctor ordered a biopsy in her neck that revealed thyroid cancer. The surgery to remove her thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes was successful, Sanders said, adding that she is now cancer free.

Sanders’ surgeon, Dr. John Sims of CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock said in a statement that the former Trump press secretary’s surgery “went extremely well” and he expected her to be “back on her feet” within 24 hours.

The day after her surgery, Sanders tweeted a photo of herself and her husband in the car on their way home from the hospital.

Sanders was diagnosed with Stage I papillary thyroid carcinoma which is the most common form of thyroid cancer. According to Dr. Sims, patients with this cancer have an “excellent prognosis.”

Dr. Sims said Sanders will still need to undergo radioactive iodine treatment, but for now, she is cancer-free and he doesn’t anticipate that this will slow her down.

In her statement, Sanders said she looked forward to returning to the campaign trail.

Sanders is the favorite to replace outgoing Republican governor Asa Hutchinson who is term-limited.

The most recent poll out of Arkansas has Sanders ahead of her Democrat challenger by 11 points.

If she is victorious in November, Sarah Sanders will become the first female governor in Arkansas history.