S.D. Deploying 125 Troops To Border Amid Crisis

(PresidentialInsider.com)- President Joe Biden might be abandoning the southern border, but Republican governors are teaming up across the country to send the National Guard to border states and help clean up the mess caused by the president’s reversal of Trump-era immigration policies.

The latest state to get involved is South Dakota, with the state’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem announcing last Wednesday that some 125 National Guard troops have been deployed to help federal authorities to back control of the border.

The troops won’t be deployed until later in the year, but are preparing to give non-law enforcement support to United States Custom and Border Protection. It comes after Governor Noem previously announced just a week earlier that she was sending 50 National Guard members to Texas where they will assist authorities at the border.

In a Tweet, Governor Noem announced that those 50 soldiers will specifically be helping authorities to “stop the flow of illegal drugs” and human trafficking in the region, and were “on the road by 7am” that day.

An interesting dynamic with this story is that for as long as Republican governors send assistance to the border, President Joe Biden and the Democrats can ignore the border crisis a little longer. With that extra support, the Democrats might claim that Trump didn’t need to enact the policies he did after all…but those National Guard members are unlikely to be enough, and Republican governors recognize the importance of protecting Americans living in those border towns.

Ian Fury, an official spokesman for Noem’s office, said that securing the border with additional National Guard troops isn’t just a “political gesture” but that it was ultimately necessary because of President Joe Biden’s failure to “step up and fix the crisis.”

Ain’t that the truth…