Russian Foreign Minister Threatens Any Transport They ‘Believe’ Carries Weapons

( Russia just gave itself a pass to blow up any vehicles it wants…so long as they can pretend that they believed the vehicles were carrying weapons.

As the Russian military runs out of ammunition and struggles to beat the Ukrainian military and take control of the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threatened that Russian troops would blow up any vehicles that they believe are transporting weapons to Ukraine.

The threat also seems to suggest that Russia may be willing to drop bombs in Europe – where weapons are being transported to the border with Ukraine. A move like that would initiate World War Three.

“We clearly said that any cargo moving into the Ukrainian territory which we would believe is carrying weapons would be fair game,” he said on Russian propaganda news network Russia Today.

“This is clear because we are implementing the operation the goal of which is to remove any threat to the Russian Federation coming from the Ukrainian soil.”

Not only could it mean that vehicles in Europe could get blown up, but Russian President Vladimir Putin might get so desperate that he blows up weapons in the United States that are being prepared to be shipped to Ukraine.

President Joe Biden announced last week that an additional $800 million in assistance will be granted to Ukraine, including shipments of anti-armor systems, ammunition, grenade launchers, small arms, and anti-aircraft weapons.

This could be a bluff, but it’s just as likely that it’s not. Russia could very well be preparing to bomb vehicles in Europe and the United States, and that could prompt a military response from the United States.

Just over a year since Biden entered the White House and we’re closer to World War Three than ever before.