Russian-Backed RT Might Be Cancelled In UK

( Russia Today, a Russian state-run media network that is popular in Europe and the United States, could be facing a ban in the United Kingdom.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party – the second biggest political party in the United Kingdom’s House of Commons – called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take action and ban the network from the country over its pro-Russia slant on the invasion of Ukraine.

“Putin’s campaign of misinformation should be tackled, and Russia Today should be prevented from broadcasting its propaganda around the world,” he said.

His comments were supported by a member of his Shadow Cabinet, Lisa Nandy, who said that their party had asked Ofcom – the country’s regulator of media channels – to review Russia Today’s license.

It comes after Russia Today chose to describe the invasion of Ukraine as a “special military operation” – the language used by the Russian state to justify its invasion. The outlet also claimed that Russian troops were attempting to “liberate” Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine, despite the fact that the Russian military has bombed huge parts of the country where the people do not consider themselves Russian.

The idea of banning Russia Today in the UK is not exactly unpopular, but the proposals have raised concerns that banning the network in the UK could result in the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, being banned in Russia.

Britain’s Conservative government argued that banning the network would be unwise, with Foreign Minister Liz Truss stating on Monday that British media was crucial in Russia.

“We are looking at what can be done on RT but the reality is that if we ban RT in the United Kingdom, that is likely to lead to channels like the BBC being banned in Russia,” Truss told the House of Commons.

She added that the British government wants the people of Russia to hear the truth about what is happening in Ukraine.

For now, Russia Today is likely to stick around in the UK – even if the European Union is making moves to remove it from European television screens.