Russian Archbishop: US Responsible for Stoking Fear of Ukraine War

( Russian Metropolitan Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev claimed this week that the United States is purposely stoking fears about the possibility of a war between Ukraine and Russia, seemingly parroting the same line as the Kremlin.

Hilarion, who is the chairman of the Department of External Church Relations within the Russian Orthodox Church, said that he is worried “both as a clergyman and as a citizen” about what is happening with Ukraine.

”On the one hand, we hear assurances from the leadership of the Russian Federation that Russia is not going to attack Ukraine,” he said during an interview on Russian television.

He said that on the other hand, he also hears from Ukrainian politicians that they don’t see a threat from Russia.

Meanwhile, however, Russia has continued to amass large numbers of troops on the border with Ukraine, with that number reportedly reaching 100,000. The United States also deployed troops to Eastern Europe this week is an indication that NATO forces are willing to side with Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion – an invasion that most Western leaders now consider imminent.

During the interview, Hilarion claimed that the United States is persistently convincing western partners that Russia is preparing for an attack on Ukraine and that it’s necessary to remove embassy personnel from the country.

“All this cannot but disturb worry,” he said.

Interesting. What will he have to say when Russia does finally invade Ukraine just like it did Crimea in 2014?