Russia Uses Hunter Biden To Go After Joe

( In response to sweeping sanctions against Russian oligarchs and financial institutions implemented by the United States, Russia has responded by sanctioning…Hunter Biden.

Now, we cannot and will not endorse the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, but we have to admit that this is Grade A trolling.

On Tuesday, Russia announced a number of sanctions against prominent American officials, as well as the son of the president. Hunter Biden’s sanctioning could prove a huge problem for the Biden family, too, given that he has been the face of the family’s overseas business dealings for many years.

In a statement from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sanctions against the president, Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin. Mark Milley and virtually all U.S. government officials were announced.

“This step, taken as a response measure, is the inevitable result of the extreme Russophobic policy of the current US Administration, which, in a desperate attempt to maintain American hegemony, has abandoned any sense of decorum and placed its bets on the head-on containment of Russia,” the statement reads.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that more announcements will be made soon with regards to expanding the list of sanctions, and said plans are in place to sanction military leaders, legislators, business executives, and a number of media personalities who have engaged in “Russophobia.”

Russophobia? That’s about as ludicrous as far-left radicals here in the United States claiming it’s “Islamophobic” to oppose Islamic terrorism or “homophobic” not to want to teach children about sex.

With Hunter Biden’s vast overseas dealings, there’s no telling what these sanctions could do to him. The young Biden famously earned $83,000 per month while sitting on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. He has also not divested from his investment in a Chinese investment firm, which he promised he would divest from if his father won the presidency.

Well, Biden is now well into his second year as president, and Hunter Biden still has that investment.

What financial ties might he still have in Russia? We may soon find out.