Russia Takes Action Against Corrupt Big Tech

( Russia is taking greater strides than the United States to fight corruption, proving just how far the United States has fallen under the Biden administration.

On Friday, a Moscow court fined social media giant Twitter for not removing posts on its website that encouraged children to engage in unauthorized protests in the country. The social media platform has been used by anti-Putin activists to promote unrest throughout the country, and while President Putin remains a controversial global figure, it shows how Twitter doesn’t fear breaking the law.

The court ruled that Twitter was guilty on three counts of failing to restrict unlawful content on its website, and was fined roughly $117,000 in three separate fines.

The court also found that Twitter was guilty of failing to remove child pornography and posts that provided users with information about illegal drugs. Some posts also encouraging children to commit suicide – so this wasn’t all a political move.

Roskomnadzor, the Russian state communications watchdog, has spent several months encouraging Twitter to remove the illegal content, but the social media platform failed to do so. The watchdog eventually threatened to block access to Twitter on Russian networks completely within 30 days if nothing changed, after slowing down the speed of uploading media content to the website.

Twitter responded to the move by claiming that their platform had a “zero tolerance” policy for child pornography and the promotion of drug sales and suicide, but the content was still not removed. It prompted the deputy chief of Roskomnadzor, Vadim Subbotin, to threatened to block the site entirely.

The battle between Twitter and the Russian government goes back many years. Dissent against President Vladimir Putin is a risky and potentially deadly business for many people, meaning the decision to fine Twitter is certainly political – but if Russia is also the only country willing to take on the platform for failing to remove child pornography and content that promotes drugs, then it’s a shocking indictment of the state of American politics and President Joe Biden’s willingness to tackle Big Tech.

Then again, Russia’s government doesn’t benefit from Big Tech like the Democrats and the Biden White House do…

Twitter offered no comment on the decision by the Moscow court.