Russia Suffering Shortages, Struggling to Sustain Troops: Pentagon

( Russia’s war in Ukraine isn’t going quite as well as President Vladimir Putin presumably hoped – and some American intelligence officials seem to believe that Russia is actually running out of troops and ammunition.

Intelligence officials and analysts have been saying that Russia is quickly running out of ammunition and troops for more than a week now, and now it has been backed up by a Pentagon official.

On Thursday, a Pentagon source told Newsweek that Russia is making minimal progress on the ground in Ukraine, struggling to take control of cities and urban population centers where the Ukrainian troops are infinitely more familiar with the paths, roads, and streets.

According to the source, Russian forces are “basically frozen around the country on multiple lines of axes, struggling to fuel themselves and to feed their troops and to supply them with arms and ammunition.”

You hear that? Russia is not only running out of ammunition, but Putin can’t even feed his troops.

That’s presumably why Russia began begging China for help last week.

The unnamed source, who is a senior official in the Department of Defense, said that Russia is increasingly relying on “dumb” bombs that are not precision-guided. The Russian military is running out of its best weapons.

“We have seen them rely more, a little bit more than we saw in the early going, on dumb bombs. We think that it’s possible that they might be either conserving their precision-guided munitions or beginning to experience shortages,” the source said.

These weapons have a greater chance of missing targets, owing to the fact that they are not guided by modern technology. It means that the Russian forces are increasingly relying on whatever they have left, rather than the highly-engineered weapons used during the outbreak of the war.

If the claims hold up, it could be very good news for Ukraine. At this point, Ukraine has access to better weapons than Russia does, with thousands more Javelin missiles expected to arrive in Ukraine from NATO countries within just a matter of days.