Rumors About Joe Biden Being Replaced By Kamala Harris Are Heating Up

( Last Wednesday, President Joe Biden stunned the world when he casually claimed that he had cancer.

During a speech on Climate Change in Massachusetts, Biden recounted a (probably fictional) story of his childhood, describing how his mother had to run the windshield wipers to clear the oil off, adding that this was why he and so many others he grew up with HAVE cancer.

Naturally, the news came as a bit of a surprise.

The Washington Post’s so-called “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler tried to smooth things over by arguing that Biden was talking about the non-melanoma skin cancer he had removed before entering the White House.

Happy to have an excuse, the White House echoed Kessler’s claims, saying the president meant to say he HAD cancer and he was talking about skin cancer.

But the skin cancer Biden had removed was caused by the sun, not by oily windshields from his childhood.

Ultimately, Townhall revealed that Biden’s gaffe wasn’t using HAVE instead of HAD, but using CANCER instead of ASTHMA:

Cancer. Asthma. Really, what’s the difference?

Just one day after Joe claimed to have cancer, the White House announced that the president tested positive for COVID. However, they didn’t say it was caused by his mother’s oily windshield.

Immediately social media erupted with jokes about how excited Kamala Harris must be over the news.

People on Twitter joked about Kamala sneaking into the Oval Office to measure the drapes. They shared video clips and gifs of Kamala cackling or dancing.

This happens every time Joe Biden stumbles, either figuratively or literally.

The Excited Kamala memes erupted after Joe fell three times on the steps of Air Force One last year and when he toppled off his bike last month.

They also made the rounds last Wednesday when Joe accidentally claimed he had cancer.

Of course, the White House was quick to downplay the president’s COVID, noting that his symptoms were mild and he would continue to work in isolation.

Then again, when your guy isn’t actually the guy in charge, having a bout with COVID isn’t likely to upset the status quo.