Ron DeSantis Tells Reporter To Look At Scoreboard From “Last Tuesday Night”

The battle between two Republican giants begins after the results of the midterm elections sent a shock through the GOP. The party initially anticipated a “red wave” but saw defeat in key battleground states, such as Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

While the GOP managed the secure the House with a narrow margin, 218 to 212 Democratic seats, they lost the Senate. Shortly after the midterms, former President Trump announced his plans to run again in 2024, despite calls from the GOP to wait until after the Georgia Senate runoff election between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.

Trump then reportedly went after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a statement published on his website, calling him “an average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations.”

DeSantis Responds to Reporter About Trump Comments: “Check Out the Scoreboard from Last Tuesday Night” (

The former president also accused right-leaning media outlets like Fox News and The New York Post of going “all in” for DeSantis.

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When asked what his reply was to the comments made by the former president, DeSantis said that when one is getting things done, he is subject to attacks.

He highlighted how he was probably the only governor in the country who was so viciously attacked by the media over his four-year term and that at the end of the day all of it is just “noise.” The governor urged people to “go check out the scoreboard from last Tuesday night,” referring to the massive wins Republicans experienced in the state contrary to the rest of the country.

While the red wave did not materialize in other races as many hoped, Florida’s wins led many Republicans to see DeSantis as the future of the party, a move that has drawn frustration and ire from

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Trump also recently went after Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, despite previously endorsing him as well.

In a post on his social media platform Truth Social, he likened “Youngkin” to a Chinese-sounding nickname, saying it was an “interesting take.” He claims that without his help and “MAGA voters,” both governors would not have won their elections.