Ron DeSantis Says Prices Are Increasing Faster Than People Realize

( Inflation in the United States, which is at a 40-year high, is the absolute result of disastrous federal policies, according to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), and goods prices are rising much more than 8.5 percent.

DeSantis believes it is critical to remind that the country’s inflation figure in March was the worst in 40 years, and it continues to rise every month.

The governor condemned the Biden doctrine on economics. Many people were warning this would be an issue when you’re printing billions and trillions of dollars; the concept that you can just do that indefinitely without any ramifications is utterly stupid.

According to the Labor Department, inflation has risen by 8.5 percent in the previous year. DeSantis claims the consequences are far worse since all the things that matter are going up substantially more than that.

DeSantis explains that when you look at the price of fuel, which has increased by around 50% in the previous year, plus the cost of used automobiles, which has increased by 35%, staples that people need to live are going up far more than 8.5 percent. He also noted that gas utilities are up 22 percent, meat and poultry are up 14 percent, and electricity is 11 percent.

He went on to say that energy costs are causing a lot of the increase.

DeSantis believes that we have abundant resources in this country, yet Biden has constricted them over the last year, and we need to unleash them. If he did that, that would immediately impact and at least portend relief for people. He said that the energy sector, which Biden’s America quashed on day one, will continue to drive these numbers up.

Biden’s policies impact people across the board at all income levels, notable folks in our working classes.

The White House claims to be trying to untangle supply chains and increase competition, but the president’s options are limited if he does not get energy prices under control. Fuel costs impact nearly every other part of the economy.

President Biden is content sympathizing with the angered public and projecting an air of understanding rather than doing anything about rising costs.