Ron DeSantis Is Still Behind Trump, But Crushes Ted Cruz

( Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is making some noise in national politics, but he’s still way behind former President Donald Trump in polling that concerns the chances for future potential GOP candidates for president in 2024.

A recent poll conducted by CWS Research Texas asked participants the following question:

“If former President Donald Trump declines to participate in the 2024 Presidential Primary, and your remaining candidates were Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, Nikki Haley, and Kristi Noem, for whom would you vote?”

The response was that DeSantis was way ahead of Cruz — by a whopping 29 points. The Florida governor was even further out ahead of Abbott, the Republican governor from Texas.

Florida Politics reported that Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas, finished second in the poll, but with support from only 19% of participants. Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations under Trump and also the former governor of South Carolina, finished third with 13%. Abbott finished in fourth place, with support from only 10% of participants.

The same poll then asked a second question — who would people support if Trump were included in the list of potential candidates?

In that poll, Trump was unsurprisingly way ahead of the field. The former president was supported by 46% of the respondents, well ahead of DeSantis, who finished in second place with only 20% support. Haley actually finished in third in that poll with 10% support, with Cruz (8%) and Abbott (6%) pulling up the rear.

There have been a lot of hypothetical polls like this one dealing with potential GOP primary candidates for president in 2024. But, what this most recent one did was show how strong the support for Trump still is.

At the same time, it shows how strong DeSantis would be as a potential candidate, with or without Trump running.

And, finally, it shows that Cruz just isn’t a strong political candidate for president.

Another recent poll that was conducted to get the opinion of only Florida voters obviously showed that DeSantis had more support. While their state’s governor still trailed Trump, he finished within the 7.4% margin of error for the poll.

What was surprising is that a similar poll showed that DeSantis actually performed 5 points better than Trump in a hypothetical general election against current President Joe Biden.

Trump still leads with the majority of support in GOP primary polls, but DeSantis gains wide support in nearly every one of them. In fact, DeSantis has established himself as the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination should Trump decide not to run for president in 2024.

Trump’s decision on whether to run for president or not is the biggest determining factor in what other candidates stand a chance to win the GOP nomination.

As some of these recent polls suggest, DeSantis is the only potential GOP candidate who could even hope to seriously challenge Trump. And if the former president decides not to run, the Florida governor appears to have the inside track to the GOP nomination.