Ron DeSantis: I Have Only Begun To Fight

After winning a landslide victory against Democrat Charlie Crist, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivered a barn-burner victory speech on Election Night which some have described as the best speech of his career.

The popular Republican governor told the raucous, cheering crowd that he delivered on the promises he made to Florida four years ago and now, four years later, “the people have delivered their verdict: Freedom is here to stay!”

DeSantis recapped his victories over the past four years, most notably keeping Florida open, maintaining law and order, protecting the rights of parents, respecting Florida workers, and rejecting “woke ideology.”

DeSantis said Florida would “never, ever surrender to the woke mob,” adding that is it the state “where woke goes to die.” He also boasted about all the people who moved to the state since he was elected in 2018, saying that Americans are flocking to Florida “because our policies work.”

“Leadership matters,” DeSantis said, adding “leaders don’t follow, they lead.” He said his administration “set out a vision” and then “executed on that vision,” producing “historic results.”

He said while the United States is foundering under Washington’s failed leadership, “Florida is on the right track.”

With a hopeful tone, the governor said that he believes the “survival of the American experiment requires a revival of true American principles,” something his state proved can be done, he added.

Florida offers a “ray of hope that better days still lie ahead,” DeSantis said. He thanked voters for their support and said he looks forward “to the road ahead.”

DeSantis wrapped up his speech by saying he kept the faith and accomplished more for the state than anyone believed when he was first elected, adding that there was “so much more to do and I have only begun to fight.”

Watch his victory speech below.

WATCH: Ron DeSantis’s Full Re-Election Victory Speech – YouTube