Ron DeSantis Exposes Communist Party Plot

( Last month it was reported that New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochel participated in an on-line economic and trade forum with the Communist Chinese. Hochul boasted about New York State’s “long partnership” with the CCP and expressed a desire to continue that relationship going forward.

Also in attendance was Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who expressed her eagerness to cooperate with the Communist Chinese in Chicago’s future economic investments.

The CCP-run Global Times didn’t hesitate to brag about making an end-run around US economic and trade restrictions by appealing directly to US states and cities.

China’s tentacles stretch far within the US. And while New York and Chicago might see that as a good thing, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does not.

On Monday, DeSantis signed into law two bills designed to prevent Chinese infiltration into the Sunshine State.

The laws take a two-pronged attack against the CCP’s tentacles – barring foreign entities from influencing education and preventing corporate espionage.

While “foreign influence” isn’t strictly limited to China, there is no doubt the biggest culprit of “foreign influence” in US schools is China’s “Confucius Institute.”

Billed as a “bridge reinforcing friendship” between China and the world, the CCP-run Confucius Institute spreads CCP propaganda under the guise of teaching while interfering with free speech on campus. It is also believed the Confucius Institute actively spies on students.

China denies this, of course.

The bill also prohibits any agreements between public entities and the CCP or Cuba. DeSantis explained that the bill makes sure “we don’t make deals” with any private companies that are closely tied to the CCP or Communist Cuba.

The second bill “Combatting Corporate Espionage in Florida Act” will create new criminal offenses related to the theft or trafficking of trade secrets.

According to DeSantis, under the new law, anyone who steals or attempts to steal trade secrets to use for his own personal benefit will be charged with a third-degree felony that carries up to five years in prison.

Likewise, anyone who steals or attempts to steal trade secrets in order to sell them to a third party will be charged with a second-degree felony and face even tougher penalties.