Ron DeSantis Defends Cristopher Columbus, Calls Him A Hero Amid Cancel Culture

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis took a very different approach to celebrating Columbus Day than other governors, including Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Instead of celebrating “Indigenous People’s Day,” DeSantis unashamedly praise the “courage, risk-taking, and heroism” of Christopher Columbus.

That’s more like it!

In a statement, the rumored 2024 presidential candidate resisted calls from Democrats and RINOs to change the way we celebrate Columbus Day, and to castigate Christopher Columbus.

He said that Columbus Day marks the “life and legacy of the Italian explorer” who made the European people “conscious of the existence of the New World.” He said that Columbus’ travels “opened the door for the development of European settlements in the Western Hemisphere” which led to the creation and founding of the United States.

The statement goes on to list a number of incredible achievements made by Columbus. He said that he stands as a “singular figure” in Western civilization who “exemplified courage” and “risk-taking,” adding that he was a visionary who saw the possibilities of exploring the world beyond Europe.

By celebrating Columbus, DeSantis said, the United States can appreciate the development of our civilization here in the New World with “hope” and “appreciation of the trail-blazing legacy of American heroes.”

You can read the full statement here.v

It’s nice to see a Republican who isn’t afraid of the Democrats, and who won’t just buckle to every demand they make, isn’t it?

That’s why he’s the only Republican contender with a reasonable chance of taking on former President Donald Trump in 2024.