Ron DeSantis Calls In Police To Guard Border

( With President Joe Biden systematically reversing all Trump-era immigration policies and border protections, Republican governors are teaming up to secure the border as best they can.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis revealed this week that he will send law enforcement officers from his state to the United States-Mexico border, where they will assist local police, and state and federal agents in Texas and Arizona. Thankfully, both Texas and Arizona have Republican governors who are willing to do what they can to counter the disastrous impact of Biden’s immigration and border policies.

On Wednesday, Governor DeSantis said that his is the first state to commit support for the efforts in Arizona and Texas, following a request from the two state governors. He added that he is proud to lead on issues that matter to Floridians.

DeSantis is all set to send offers from the following departments to the border:

– Highway Patrol
– Department of Law Enforcement
– Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
– Walton County Sheriff’s Office
– Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
– Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office
– Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
– Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

And that’s not an exhaustive list!

Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody attended a press conference announcing the move, saying that Ron DeSantis will step up and protect Floridians…even when that means sending officers to the border to stop an influx of illegal aliens and criminals who may one day hurt Floridians, too.

Moody explained the logic behind the move, citing the 230% increase in fentanyl seizures in his state, which is enough to kill roughly half of the United States population.

That’s how bad the drug crisis has gotten.

Moody also referenced an increase of 3,000% in sexual offenders being detained by officials at the border.

Governor DeSantis also referenced the increase of methamphetamine usage in his state, which is being powered by criminal gangs exploiting the lack of border security ever since Biden entered the White House.

The only question now is…how long will it take for the Biden administration to step in and stop Republican governors taking steps to protect the border?