Republican Carly Fiorina Says She’ll Be Voting For Joe Biden In November

( Carly Fiorina, a Republican who was a presidential candidate in 2016, is the latest in the GOP to say she can’t support President Donald Trump any longer. Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, said she would be voting Joe Biden in November’s General Election.

Fiorina, who also was once the running mate for Texas Senator Ted Cruz during his presidential candidacy, said she “can’t support Donald Trump” and since “elections are binary choices,” she’ll have to side with Biden come November. She continued:

“I think we have witnessed, particularly in the era of Trump — but prior to that as well — what George Washington warned us about, which is that the trouble with political parties is people will come to care only about winning, and they’ll forget about values and governing. I think — I hope — that Biden understands that this moment in history calls for him to be a leader, not a politician.”

Fiorina said Biden is a “person of humility and empathy and character,” sand said when he “talks about the soul of the nation,” he’s speaking about “principles like co-equal branches of government, principles like problem-solving should be a collaborative process, a bipartisan process.”

One of the topics the two definitely don’t see eye-to-eye on is abortion. In an article for “The Atlantic,” Fiorina addressed this topic, saying the “extremes” of both sides of that debate are impeding any progress that can be made. She did call on Congress to put in place a 20-week ban on abortion, and called for an expansion of the definition of “pro-life” so it encompasses “criminal-justice reform” and “police reform.”

The author of that article, Edward-Isaac Dovere, pointed out to Fiorina that Biden “has moved toward fewer restrictions (on abortion), not more.” But Fiorina said that’s a “great example of an opportunity to lead rather than just playing politics. He could do that. He could lead. He could problem-solve. He could find common ground on a bipartisan basis.”

The backlash to Fiorina’s statements from Republicans has been strong on Twitter. Trump himself tweeted:

“Failed presidential candidate (thank you President Trump!), Carly Fiorina, said she will be voting for Corrupt Joe Biden. She lost so badly to me, twice in one campaign, that she should be voting for Joe. No complaints!!!”

Conservative talk show host Kassy Dillon tweeted that she “regret(s) ever working for this woman’s campaign.”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted:

“Republicans should remember all those who voted with the people tearing down statues of George Washington and General Grant. I know I will.”

And trial lawyer and California GOP committeewoman Harmeet K. Dhillon tweeted:

“I distinctly remember when Carly — freshly having ditched California for Virginia — called around members of the RNC to solicit interest in her running for chair. She wasn’t even an RNC member even.”

Republicans fleeing their party to vote for someone else in November may be a true concern for Trump, even if he isn’t admitting as much right now.