Reporter Leaks Disturbing Photo Of Joe Biden’s Schedule

( Bloomberg reporter Jordan Fabian managed to snap a photograph of President Joe Biden’s schedule, and it offers an even clearer insight into the president’s mental health and cognitive ability. The schedule included instructions to “proceed to Oval Office” – something that hasn’t been seen on presidential schedules before now.

How can President Biden negotiate peace deals with North Korea and Iran when he can’t even remember where he’s having lunch?

Shortly after his inauguration, President Biden could be seen being reminded to salute the Marines as he entered a building, only for him to repeat the words “salt the Marines” and not actually do it.

Remember that?

And, only recently, President Biden tripped up the stairs to Air Force One for the second time – something that never happened to former President Donald Trump.

Remember when the media said President Trump had Parkinson’s Disease because he walked slowly down a slippery ramp?

You can bet that James Corden and other left-wing TV commentators won’t be discussing President Biden’s inability to remember where he is and where to go.

Meanwhile, President Biden and his team appear to be doing all they can to avoid any scenarios that make him look tired or incapable.

Elijah Schaffer reported on March 31 how Biden “declined the invitation from the Nationals to throw the opening pitch for the baseball season on Thursday.”

Denying the tradition that all presidents take part in, despite his schedule being wide open?

There might be something wrong with Joe Biden.