Report Reveals Putin Has Moved His Family Into A Nuclear Bunker

( Following reports that President Vladimir Putin told his nation’s military to have nuclear weapons on standby, fresh reports have suggested that the Russian president has moved his family into an “underground city” in Siberia that is designed to survive a nuclear war.

The Daily Mail reported on comments by political scientist Valery Solovey, who previously worked at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Solovey claimed that Putin is physically and mentally unwell and that the nuclear threat is so real that he has sent his family into a giant bunker to keep them safe in a coming nuclear war. The bunker is said to exist in the Altai Mountains.

In a video shared online, Solovey claimed that over the last weekend, Putin evacuated his family to the “underground city” that is “equipped with the latest science and technology.”

“I hope this means something to you? That the President sends his family to this bunker?” he said in the clip.

The professor also claimed that Vladimir Putin has a secret wife who is roughly half his age – and that she is the Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast Alina Kabaeva. He said that she has been sent to the bunker.

Here’s the thing, though. There’s just no evidence to support these claims, and as it stands, the chances of a nuclear war are slim.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking to – at the very least – take on control of two eastern regions of Ukraine. Russian troops are already successfully conquering cities in Ukraine with relative ease, and yet, peace talks are still underway between the two nations.

There may be conflict now, but many experts predict that this conflict may be short-lived.

Why would Putin want to risk destroying Russia in a nuclear war in the name of gaining two small territories?