REPORT: Chinese Spy Developed Secret Relationship With Democrat Congressman

( A bombshell report from Axios this week revealed how a suspected Chinese spy was connected to at least two mayors from the Midwest, and even made political contacts in California. It comes at a time when tension between the United States and China is increasing, with the communist nation refusing to back down on its various human rights abuses and continuing its spying operations in the West.

The report suggested that Fang Fang, who also goes by the name of Christine Fang, developed political relationships with California politicians, including far-left Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Fang reportedly also attended conferences for American mayors, which gave her an opportunity to grow her network and sphere of influence. Her reach eventually became nationwide, and her tactics went beyond political schmoozing.

Axios claims that Fang engaged in sexual and romantic relationships with at least two mayors in Midwestern cities over roughly three years. The claim was backed up by a U.S. intelligence official and a former elected official.

The report also details how Fang successfully forged a relationship with Swalwell when he was an elected councilman in the Bay Area, getting so embedded with his work that she became a fundraiser for his congressional campaign in 2014. Axios also revealed how she helped Swalwell fill an intern role on his staff.

Fang well and truly became embedded in American politics, with elected officials welcoming her with open arms.

On Tuesday, the son of President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted his thoughts on the matter, noting how Chinese communists always seem to attach themselves to Democrats.

“Does anyone else notice that the Chinese spies always seem to attach themselves to Democrats and the Chinese communist government propaganda always seems to be targeted at Republicans?” he asked.

“Tells you everything you need to know,” he added.

Don Jr. also hit back at Swalwell for his previous accusations that the Trump family was working with Russia.

“So Rep Swalwell who spent years saying I was an agent of Russia was literally sleeping with a Chinese spy at the time,” he said.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” he added.

The Axios report said that it was not able to speak to the elected officials involved, but did publish photographs of Fang with Democrat Reps. Judy Chu and Mike Honda, as well as California Democrat Mayor Bill Harrison.

Don Jr. does seem to be on to something with Chinese spies preferring Democrats, doesn’t he?