Raphael Warnock Mocked Pro-Lifers From The Pulpit (REPORT)

(PresidentialInsider.com)- More of Raphael Warnock’s sermons from his past are resurfacing, and yet again, they aren’t good.

The Democratic candidate for Senate from Georgia once mocked conservatives who are pro-life during a sermon. In 2016, he preached:

“Throughout the ’80s, ’90s and early part of this century, we have been frustrated with those on the religious right. Those who have been focused on one- or two-bedroom issues, and we have been asking them, ‘Why is that you don’t have anything to say about poverty? How is it that you can say you are pro-life before the baby is born, but you won’t support child health care after the baby is here?'”

In other words, Warnock is accusing conservative pro-lifers of only caring about babies before they are born. Then, he claims, they turn their back on the children by not supporting radical leftist programs.

In his sermon, he continued to ridicule Republicans, saying they are a “family values party,” but they oppose gay marriage at the same time. He then said President Donald Trump is a “sexual predator on his way to the Oval Office.”

Warnock has the right to his beliefs, however crazy they may be. But, to give them from the pulpit is downright despicable. It’s especially so when he is claiming that people who are pro-life and conservative don’t care about babies after they are born, or that they can’t be for family values if they oppose gay marriage.

Warnock has used his position as a pastor to hammer home his position of a “woman’s right to choose” being a central part of ideals. Not surprisingly, as a Senate candidate, he has gotten endorsements from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL.

He tries to backtrack a bit when asked to support this, though. He says he is all for the expansion of health care that’s provided by the government as a reasoning for why he’s so pro-abortion.

Michael J. Brewer, a campaign spokesman for Warnock, told Fox News:

“Reverend Warnock believes a patient’s room is too small a place for a woman, her doctor and the U.S. government, and that these are deeply personal health care decisions — not political ones.

“He also believes those who are concerned about life ought to be focused on the incredibly high rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality and working to make sure we are expanding access to health care, not taking it away.”

This isn’t the first time Warnock has preached a crazy sermon from the pulpit. Also in 2016, he praised Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba who was personally responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of people.

After Castro’s death, Warnock preached:

“We pray for the people of Cuba in this moment. We remember Fidel Castro, whose legacy is complex. Don’t let anyone tell you a simple story; life usually isn’t very simple. His legacy is complex, kind of like America’s legacy is complex.”

Once video of that sermon surfaced, Warnock tried to say he never celebrated Castro, though his words suggest otherwise.