Rand Paul Warns Of Dangerous Green New Deal Plan

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Far-left Democrats reintroduced the extremist “Green New Deal” on Tuesday, hoping that now the Democrats have control over both chambers that they might have more success getting it passed.

First introduced in 2019, the non-binding resolution was once again put forward by socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Market, and aims to eliminate all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions over the next ten years.

Libertarian Republican Senator Rand Paul has plenty to say about it during an interview on Fox News this week, slamming the plan as an effort to end free market capitalism – the economic ideology that made America the powerhouse it is – and said that it would create an army of young people who are obsessed with implementing all manner of socialist policies as a result.

During the interview, Paul said that the radical left “definitely think that money grows on trees, and I guess that’s part of the green plan.”

During a press conference, Ocasio-Cortez gave an impassioned speech – again – dismissing the idea that America must choose between the economy and the future.

“For so long, our movement toward a sustainable future has been divided with really just this false notion that we have to choose between our planet and our economy. And we decided to come together in sweeping legislation that not only rejects that notion, but creates a plan for 20 million union jobs in the United States of America,” she said.

But the Green New Deal, realistically, won’t do any of that.

Paul said that, “if you add all of it up from the infrastructure bill, it’s actually about $500 billion,” he said.

“There’s $174 billion for weatherizing houses, which never gets to energy efficiency, to meet the cost. There’s about $100 billion for electric cars,” he added, discussing how the Green New Deal has infiltrate the proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

“There’s $10 billion for some kind of army climate change people, some kind of climate corps youth which I think has connotations in our history of these sort of government informed youths out there marching for things that the government tells them to do,” he added.

The left has spent so many years calling Republicans Nazis, but they’re now advocating for what sounds like a modern-day Hitler Youth…

The “Civilian Climate Corps Act” was introduced along with the Green New Deal on Tuesday, and said that there must be a civilian army to “mobilize the next generation of conservation and resilience workers and maximize the creation of accessible training opportunities and good jobs.”

Thank goodness Senator Rand Paul is in Congress…