Rand Paul OPPOSES New Coronavirus Funding Bill, Here’s Why

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Congressional Democrats finally chose to support the Republicans in funding the Paycheck Protection Program and moving forward with the next round of the coronavirus spending bill, but not every Republican is on board.

Libertarian Senator Rand Paul said on Tuesday that he won’t be supporting the bill, but offered a reason why.

In short, he cares about debt.

“I understand the hardships of senators returning from around the country, so I have not invoked the senate rules to demand a recorded vote. I did return today, though, so that history will record that not everyone gave in to the massive debt Congress is creating,” he said during a speech in the Senate.

You can watch his speech below, in which the libertarian firebrand expressed his deep concern about racking up debt that the United States is likely to be able to pay back.

He continued the discussion on Twitter, too, endorsing the reopening of the United States economy instead of racking up more debt.

“The one thing that will get our economy going again: reopening!” he said. “We can’t continue printing bailout money. It’s not a lack of money that plagues us. It’s a lack of commerce. Until we reopen our economy, job losses will continue.”

Paul also said he believes that a handful of individuals should not have the power to pass spending bills worth almost half a trillion dollars and that Congress should “return at once.”

His comments come as Congress finally agrees about how to help American businesses and workers. The new legislation includes relief funds total $470 billion, of which $310 billion will go to the Paycheck Protection Program that recently ran out of money.

Hospitals are expected to receive $75 billion of the funds, and $25 billion has been put aside for the implementation of widespread testing across the United States. It is an unprecedented piece of legislation and one that was held up by Democrats who wanted to insert far-left policy measures into the deal.

What do you think? Does Rand Paul have a point?