Rand Paul Calls Impeachment Sham A “Farce”

(PresidentianInsider.com)- Republican libertarian Senator Rand Paull hit out at the Democrats on Sunday, describing their ongoing Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump a “partisan force.”

He also offered hope for the former president and his 74 million voters, describing how Democrats have “zero chance” of convicting him for “inciting an insurrection.”

During a segment on Fox News Sunday, Senator Paul discussed the efforts to remove President Trump after violence broke out on Capitol Hill on January 6.

“Zero chance of conviction,” he said. “Forty-five Republicans have said it’s not even a legitimate proceeding so it’s really over before it starts.”

Paul announced on January 26 how 45 Senators agreed that the “sham of a ‘trial’ is unconstitutional.”

That means the Senate doesn’t have the numbers required to convict President Donald Trump and remove him from office.

Paul also picked apart the argument used by the Democrats, describing how President Trump used his First Amendment rights to address his supporters in a speech on Capitol Hill that occurred at around the same time as the violence that broke out.

“People are going to have to judge for themselves…are we going to potentially prosecute people for political speech?” he asked.

Democrats insist that President Trump’s use of the term “fight” is what encouraged protesters to engage in violence, despite having previously only ever called for peaceful protest.

“If we’re going to criminalize speech and somehow impeach everybody who says, ‘Go fight to have your voices heard,’ I mean really we ought to impeach Chuck Schumer then,” he told Fox .”He went to the Supreme Court, stood in front of the Supreme Court and said specifically, ‘Hey, Gorsuch, Hey, Kavanaugh, you’ve unleashed a whirlwind. And you’re going to pay the price.”

Good point, right?

The impeachment hearing is currently underway, with President Trump’s lawyers arguing that not only did the former president not incite an insurrection, but that the whole trial is unconstitutional anyway.