Rabid Fox Attacks Woman Out Of Nowhere

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Last week, a now-deleted Facebook video showed security camera footage of a Central New York woman being attacked by a fox in her yard.

The video was initially posted by the woman’s husband Paul Russo on Sunday, August 21. In his now-deleted post, Russo claimed that his wife had been attacked in July by a rabid fox.

The deleted security camera footage, which was time-stamped the afternoon of July 25, showed a woman leaving her house while talking on a cellphone. As she is standing on the front sidewalk, a fox appears from behind her and lunges at her leg.

The woman is seen making several attempts to get the fox away from her by kicking at it. Finally, a neighbor, who heard her screams, is seen running up with a large stick. The fox slinks away as the woman goes back into her house.

The fox then returned to the couple’s backyard before attacking another person nearby. In this attack, the fox was killed. The animal was later taken to a Cornell University lab where it tested positive for rabies.

The woman’s cousin, meteorologist Ed Russo also shared the surveillance footage on Twitter, however, it too has been removed.