Putin Starts Shaking Uncontrollably On Camera

(PresidentialInsider.com)- For weeks now, politicians, the media, and the assorted Star Wars bar scene on Twitter have been trying to make the case that the only reason Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine is that he’s unwell.

To that end, some obscure rando on Twitter called Team Stollberg posted a 9-second video clip of Vladimir Putin, which he (or she) claimed is proof that Putin’s health is poor.

Really? That’s it?

It’s 9-seconds long.

Unless Team Stollberg is a diagnostic genius like Dr. House, that 9-second clip is hardly what anyone would describe as definitive evidence of Putin’s so-called declining health.

If Team Stollberg is alarmed by that 9-second clip, what would he (or she) think about this much-longer clip of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?

Vladimir Putin looks like the picture of health compared to Nancy Pelosi.

Putin’s movements look bad?

Has Team Stollberg seen President Biden trying to walk up the steps to Air Force One?

The problem with the moral panic surrounding the invasion of Ukraine is that people are trying to shoehorn actual events into a black and white, good versus evil comic book world where Volodymyr Zelensky is the superhero and Vladimir Putin is some evil mastermind whose declining health has turned him into a supervillain.

They did the same thing with Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Trump during the moral panic over the COVID pandemic.

It’s naïve and silly, not to mention completely divorced from real life.

Vladimir Putin isn’t Doctor Evil holed up in his Moscow lair hiding from the world as his health declines.

But social media is not a place for the reality of geopolitical complexities.

It is far easier for Team Stollberg to cherry-pick a 9-second video clip and claim Putin’s health is failing than to take into account the more complex events and issues that have brought us to this point.