Putin Is Giving Secret Orders to Military, Report Says

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Authorities in Russia are engaged in a covert mobilization campaign. The operation comes after much speculation that President Vladimir Putin would announce mass mobilizations on Victory Day fell flat.

Putin, unexpectedly, did not use the patriotic fervor of World War II celebrations on May 9 to justify widespread conscription to shore up troop losses in his invasion of Ukraine.

By calling the war a “special military operation,” Russia is not technically at war, so volunteer soldiers can resign, and conscripts cannot be sent to Ukraine.

There are reports of concerted efforts to recruit Russians into the military, which has suffered heavy losses since February 24.

According to the BBC Russian, military registration and enlistment offices have sent men “subpoenas” for weeks.

Thousands of vacancies for contracted military personnel have been posted on civilian job search sites HeadHunter and SuperJob, BBC Russian reported last month.

Russian government institutions are hiring “wartime mobilization specialists.” The Department of Internal Affairs in Moscow’s north-western district posted a job ad on April 29.

The job requests included developing and adjusting mobilization planning documents and implementing federal executive body decisions on mobilization readiness and training.

Experts say a manpower shortage threatens Putin’s campaign, which has shifted its focus to eastern Donbas.

A military analyst tweeted Monday that Putin knows mobilization or de-escalation would be “very unpopular” and that Russia can continue the current operation, “but not forever.”

Putin could face problems if he declares war and mobilizes. Evgenia Albats, the editor of The New Times, told Newsweek before Victory Day that Putin “understands that a war of choice is hard to understand for Russians.”

She said they lost 27 million people in WWII, so it can be a war of defense for Russians, but not a war of conquest. She doubts Putin will mobilize because it’s a deadly move.

Senior defense expert Glen Grant, who advised Ukraine on its military reform, said Putin needs more manpower but must mobilize without it.

He said right now, it’s a silent mobilization.

He believes they will fully mobilize because everything will collapse. They can’t train people. They’ll do it quietly and affordably. He said they could afford this for a long time.

Reuters reported that Russian-backed conscripts in Donbas were sent into front-line combat with inadequate weapons, food, and water last month.

Grant said they’ll send people to the front as they get vehicles and instructors, and Putin’s support won’t be affected as long as “it doesn’t become seriously public.”

For Putin, it’s all about legacy and optics.