Psaki Makes Crazy Claim About Mask Mandates

( Over the weekend, a patron at a swanky DC restaurant captured video of President Joe Biden and his wife Jill walking maskless through the restaurant, despite DC’s stringent indoor mask mandate.

The video, which has been viewed well over a million times on Twitter, was just one more example of powerful politicians disregarding the very mandates they demand the little people obey.

In fact, on the same day Joe and Jill went maskless indoors, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot posted a photo of herself at the WNBA championship game in Chicago, also defying her own mask mandate.

Naturally, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki about Biden’s maskless night out during Monday’s press briefing.

And, naturally, Psaki made excuses for President and Mrs. Biden, telling Doocy that “moments in time” don’t necessarily reflect policy.

Keep that defense in mind next time you decide not to wear a mask indoors.

Psaki explained that, hey we all have moments when we don’t put our masks on “as quickly as we should.” But chill out folks! Don’t “lose the forest for the trees here.”

Just because President Biden violated the DC indoor mask mandate doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be required to get vaccinated and wear a mask. Psaki dismissed this “moment in time” telling Doocy that people shouldn’t get “overly focused” on this video because it doesn’t “reflect the overarching policy.”

Doocy pressed Psaki, saying that he wasn’t just exiting the restaurant. President Biden was “walking through the restaurant with no mask on.”

But Psaki had enough. She dismissed Doocy with her standard, “I just covered that” response and moved on.

As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly often says, these people aren’t hypocrites. Instead, they actually believe that they are better than you. The little people are the only ones who must make sacrifices, not them. The little people have to obey mask mandates, not them.

None of the people telling you to worry about COVID are themselves worried about COVID.