Protestor Arrested For Throwing Eggs At King Charles

A protestor was arrested for reportedly throwing eggs at King Charles and Queen consort Camilla last week.

Protester Reportedly Arrested For Throwing Eggs At King Charles And Camilla | The Daily Caller

The male protestor was captured on video nearly hitting the King during a ceremonial engagement in Northern England.

Charles, who took the throne after Queen Elizabeth passed away, is on a two-day tour in the country. He reportedly unveiled a statue in York commemorating the 70thyearofhis late mother, the longest-reigning monarch in the nation’s history.

“Now, as we have witnessed, with great sadness, the passing of that reign, it is unveiled in her memory, as a tribute to a life of extraordinary service and devotion,” he said.

The man, whose eggs only made a mess at their feet, was heard shouting slogans. Police immediately rushed in and took the man into custody.

“The 23-year-oldmale was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence following an incident on Mickle gate in York,” police said in their statement, according to Reuters. “He currently remains in police custody.” As police dragged the man away, an onlooking crowd began to chant “God Save The King.”

The royals appeared largely unimpressed with the behavior and moved along shortly after. This would not be the first time members of the royal family had eggs thrown at them. Charles had eggs thrown at him in 1995 in central London.

Recently, in 2022, the late Queen Elizabeth also had eggs thrown at her car during a visit to Nottingham. Earlier this month, it was revealed in a new book, “The King: The Life of Charles III,” that Charles had a team to care for his stuffed teddy bear well into his forties.

King Charles Reportedly Had An Entourage For His Teddy Bear – In His Adult Years | The Daily Caller

The childhood toy was kept close at hand and under watchful eyes to ensure that all its needs were met.

“He was well into his forties, and every time that teddy needed to be repaired, you would think it was his own child having major surgery,” the author wrote.