Protesters Demanding California FREE ALL PRISONERS Are Arrested for Trespassing

( Protesters in California who are calling for the release of “all” prisoners are all set to potentially become prisoners themselves after being arrested for trespassing. 14 activists were arrested by police officers in California after they chained themselves to the fence outside of Governor Gavin Newsom’s home, demanding he release all prisoners.

The bizarre protest took place outside the governor’s home in Fair Oaks on Monday. Radical activists called for the release of inmates as a result of the continued spread of the Chinese coronavirus. It comes as many states, California included, release thousands of inmates to help reduce the chances of them catching the Chinese coronavirus while locked up.

The Sacramento Bee reported how the protesters were also demanding that state law enforcement officers stop working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That means that protesters really only care about making it as easy as possible for illegal immigrants to get away with living illegally in the United States.

“Governor Newsom, you are responsible for the COVID crisis that’s happening in prisons and jails!” one protester reportedly said. “You must act now to save lives!” they added.

Protesters waved signs outside of his home saying “Your actions save lives. Free them all.”

The protesters charged every person chained together to his fence with trespass as well as failure to disperse after a warning and unlawful assembly.

Governor Newsom, who has already overseen the release of thousands of criminals, responded to the protesters by making it clear he won’t release significantly more. Even a Democrat can see how insane it would be to mass release prisoners. Especially in a state already plagued with criminality and homelessness.

“The worst thing we could do is mass release, where people are just released out to the streets and sidewalks, and end up in benches and up in parks, on the side of the road,” he said. “That’s not compassion…that would be making the problem, in fact, worse.!

Very true, Governor Newsom!

Despite this, Newsom continues to oversee a plan to release thousands more inmates from the state prisons. Which kind of flies in the face of what he said to the protesters. On July 10, it was announced by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that as many as 8,000 criminals would be released early.