PROMISE KEPT: Trump Increases Migrant Expulsions at Border

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( President Donald Trump has kept his promise to the American people to put citizens first and deport people who enter the country illegally. Citing the rapid spread of the Chinese coronavirus in the United States, U.S. border agencies have ramped up the expulsion of child migrants who are often brought illegally to the United States by their parents.

Some of the young illegals are victims, and in these instances, the U.S. authorities take measures to locate the criminal parents or traffickers and protect the children. In many cases, the young people have simply crossed the border of their own volition. Either way, President Trump’s border force is taking the action necessary to ensure people understand the United States will no longer tolerate people entering the country illegally.

Some of the young migrants and hopeful asylum seekers swim across the Rio Grande and they make their way through the dense brush along the Texas border.

Under American law, many of these young immigrants are allowed to live with any relatives they have in the United States, but President Trump has expelled 600 minors in April alone. The new zero-tolerance policy will help the United States at a time when bringing more people into the country, potentially carrying coronavirus, is not favored. President Trump has already shut down access to the country from Europe and other parts of the world.

Border agencies also said that they have restricted many asylum claims during the pandemic to help reduce the spread of the virus and to lessen the pressure already on immigration officials who are dealing with hundreds of thousands of asylum and immigration cases.

According to the Associated Press, teenagers have been refused asylum requests. Instead, they were fingerprinted, given a full medical exam, and later flown back to their home country, which in many cases is Guatemala.

Democrats would find the story horrifying, but the truth is that a porous southern border is a threat to the United States. Left-wing newspaper The Guardian published an article in mid-April claiming that people living in the border towns are scared of the spread of the coronavirus because so many workers are currently entering their towns to build the border wall.

If they’re concerned about American citizens building a border wall out in the open, and not in crowded groups, then shouldn’t they also be concerned about illegal aliens bring in the virus too?