President Trump Narrows Gap With Biden In Latest Polls

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( What once was a big lead for Democrat Joe Biden has shrunk considerably.

A recent CNN poll shows that Biden, the presumptive nominee for president, leads President Donald Trump by only 4 points. Biden came in at 50%, with Trump coming in at 46%.

That small percentage difference is minimal in polling terms. The margin of error is 3.7 percentage points.

It’s a huge change from only a few months ago. In June, Trump trailed Biden by 14 points in polling, but the president has significantly closed the gap. Back then, Biden held a lead of 55% to 41%.

The biggest change came from men. In June, men were split evenly on Biden and Trump, but now they favor Trump at a rate of 56% to 40%. Voters between 35 and 64 years old also made a move. In June, this age group leaned toward Biden but now are leaning toward Trump.

Trump also made inroads with independent voters, who are nearly deadlocked between the two major candidates now. Back in June, they favored Biden a lot — 52% compared to Trump’s 41%.

One part of the poll that Trump and Republicans should pay attention to, though, is what voters said in terms of changing their minds. Voters who say they back Trump now are more likely to change their mind before Election Day in November.

In fact, 12% of voters who support Trump now say they could still change their mind. That’s compared to only 7% of voters who say they support Biden now but could still change their mind.

Overall, this is quite the big move in only a couple of months, and will serve as fuel to Trump’s fire as the Democratic National Convention is set to start Monday, and the Republican National Convention will start next Monday.

The DNC will be a completely virtual event. There are plenty of speakers set to try to drum up interest and support behind the Biden-Kamala Harris ticket. They’re hoping to gain the support of Democrats who were supporting other primary candidates, especially more progressive ones who loved Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are also hoping to make inroads with independent voters, and to get people out to vote who didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election.

The RNC, meanwhile, will also be almost exclusively a virtual event, after officials made the decision recently to not hold an in-person event with big crowds. The president is sure to use his speech at the event to drum up more support from his crowd, and to try to get people who are on the fence to jump to his side.

The CNN poll was conducted by SSRs, which is an independent research company. Other recent polls have shown that Biden has a slightly bigger lead over Trump than the CNN poll showed.

The biggest key to the election, as many are predicting, are the performance of each candidate in the battleground states. Polls thus far have indicated that Biden is ahead in those states.