Populists Secure 81 More Seats In France

(PresidentialInsider.com)- This weekend brought bad news to French President Emmanuel Macron after he failed to secure a parliamentary majority less than two months after defeating populist Marine Le Pen to win his second term as president.

Macron and his Ensemble! Coalition suffered disastrous results in the final round of parliamentary election voting on Sunday, securing only 245 seats, falling short of the 289 necessary to maintain the governing majority.

Marine Le Pen’s populist party, National Rally, secured a surprising 89 National Assembly seats, the highest in the party’s history. National Rally will now have enough seats to form a parliamentary group, boosting the party’s prominence.

In response to the populist success, Le Pen declared it a victory for the French people. She said by making Macron a “minority president,” the French people took “their destiny into their own hands.”

Macron still leads the largest party in the French Parliament, but not the majority. In addition to the 89 sets secured by National Rally, the hard-left NUPES party won 131 seats. The Republicans, the former establishment party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, came in fourth with 61 seats.

National Rally surprisingly outperforming expectations comes less than two months after the party gained its largest vote share in a presidential election in April where Marine Le Pen secured 41.5 percent of the vote against Macron.

While Macron won the presidential election by a comfortable margin, National Rally enjoyed significant gains among younger millennials as well as winning the working-class vote. These gains should have been a signal of a potential downfall for the centrist consensus pushed by Macron and othe