Popular Store Forced To Move Baby Formula Section to Front of Store Due to Shortage

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A St. Louis grocery store chain was forced to relocate its limited supply of baby formula to the front of their stores to make sure customers were only purchasing the limited number allowed.

One local Schnucks in St. Louis added a familiar meme to the sign it posted in what was the baby formula aisle notifying customers of the change. Included in the upper corner of this store’s notice was an “I Did That” Biden sticker.

In the final week of May, the out-of-stock rate for baby formula reached 73.58 percent nationwide. That was 3.58 percent higher than the week before and an enormous leap from the middle of May when the out-of-stock rate was at 45 percent.

Meanwhile, this week, Abbott’s Sturgis, Michigan plant was forced to stop production after severe storms flooded the inside of the plant. The company said the shutdown will likely delay the new production of EleCare baby formula for a few weeks.

Production at the Sturgis plant had just resumed less than two weeks ago after being closed for months.

In a statement Wednesday night, Abbott said Monday’s severe thunderstorms overwhelmed the city’s stormwater system and caused flooding throughout Sturgis, including at the Abbott plant. Production was stopped to give the company time to assess the damage, and then clean and sanitize the plant.

Once the Sturgis plant has been re-sanitized, production on EleCare will resume first, followed by specialty and metabolic formulas. The company will then work to restart production on its Similac brand “as soon as possible.”