Pope Francis Comes Out Swinging Against Woke Gender Ideology

Recently, Pope Francis described gender ideology as among the “most dangerous ideological colonizations” in the world.

In an interview published in Argentina’s La Nación, the pope explained that what makes gender ideology so dangerous is that it blurs the differences between men and women, harming the value of each.

He said the current questions over gender have diluted the differences between the two sexes, making the world “dull” and “alike,” contrary to what he called “the human vocation.”

This isn’t the first time the pope described transgenderism as an “ideological colonization.”

In 2016, while speaking to a group of bishops, the pope warned about children being taught in school that they can choose their gender. He said this form of “ideological colonization” is in the books provided to schools and is supported by “influential countries.”

In his interview with La Nación, the pope said he will continue to speak out on gender ideology because some are “a bit naïve” when believing that it is a “way to progress.” He said they are unable to distinguish “respect for sexual diversity” from what is an “extremely dangerous” “anthropology of gender” that eliminates differences.

The pope explained that he always separates pastoral care for those with a different sexual orientation from “what gender ideology is,” adding that the two are different.

In another interview that aired on the Italian Swiss television network RSI over the weekend, the pope suggested that the ongoing war in Ukraine is fueled not just by the “Russian Empire,” but also by the “imperial interests” from other “empires” in the world, according to Reuters.

Additionally, the pope also said that he would be prepared to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin to call for peace in Ukraine.

When asked what might prompt him to resign from his papacy, the pope said “tiredness” that makes it difficult to “see things clearly” or a “lack of clarity” that prevents him from evaluating situations.