Poll Shows Americans Trust TRUMP, Not Media, Over COVID-19

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- As the media and the Democrats attempt to portray President Donald Trump as an unreliable voice and authority on the Chinese coronavirus, a new poll shows that the American public doesn’t agree. The poll, which was commissioned by Trump-hating CBS News, found that Americans trust the president more than any media institution, media or otherwise, on the virus.

While it’s true that trust in President Trump on the virus is underestimated, perhaps the real story here is the total lack of trust people have in the media when it comes to the virus. Media outlets have successfully damaged the trust people place in the president to the tune of 6% since March, according to the data, but trust in their own reporting has dropped by 10% in the same time.

Some 40% of registered voters, according to the poll, trust Trump for information about the virus compared to 46% in March. The national media, however, was only able to muster 35% trust compared to 45% in March.

That means even in March the people trusted Trump over the press, and after months of constant hit pieces on the president, they still do.

The poll also offered some insights on public opinion relating to the vaccine, which President Trump recently suggested may be approved before election day. It would be a gigantic victory for the Trump administration but if this CBS News poll’s numbers are right, only 25% of Americans will want to get a vaccine “as soon as possible.”

That’s down from 42% of people in July.

There are, however, plenty of variables that could have impacted this. Firstly, the spread of the virus has given people time to learn. People now know the likelihood that they will catch it, suffer badly from the disease, and die, is lower than initially thought. Americans may also think that the speed at which the vaccine had been developed could mean it has been “rushed,” given that’s all the media and the Democrats seem to want to talk about. And despite the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most visible member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has suggested he doesn’t believe that to be the case.

If President Trump can build on that trust while pushing out a safe and fully-tested vaccine – as he is doing – then the impact on the November 3 presidential election could be substantial.