Poll: Minorities OVERWHELMINGLY Support Trump’s Immigration Ban

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- While the Democrats blast President Donald Trump’s decision to temporarily suspend immigration during the coronavirus pandemic as “racist,” polls show that minority communities in America overwhelmingly support the ban.

Is it so shocking to politicians that Americans, regardless of race, appreciate it when a president acts in their interests?

A poll published on April 13 from Ipsos showed that 71% of non-white American respondents supporting putting immigration on hold to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Can the Democrats continue calling a position that most people support xenophobic and racist?

Not only did most minorities support it, but only a tiny fraction, just 16%, of minority respondents disagreed with stopping immigration. The numbers were even more overwhelming among white respondents, with some 83% supporting the temporary ban. That means people across the political aisle, including people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, believe that President Trump has taken the right decision.

It’s worth noting that this poll was conducted before President Trump announced his executive order putting immigration on hold. That could mean, therefore, that diehard Democrats may have since changed their position so as not to agree with the president.

If you missed the unhinged response from the left and the Democrats, take a look at this tweet from far-left congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Ilhan Omar.

f“Trump will ban immigration but allow some Southern states to loosen restrictions,” she said. “This has nothing to do with our safety and everything to do with his blatant xenophobia.”

Except, of course, she’s wrong! Trump didn’t ban immigration just to reduce the number of people bringing coronavirus into the country (though that’s part of it!) Instead, this move was designed to protect American workers at a time when almost 30 million people have applied for unemployment benefits. Rather than allowing foreign workers to take jobs when the economy restarts, President Trump intends to give Americans the best possible chance of getting back to work.

What about that is xenophobic?