Police Officer OFFERS JOB To Black Jogger Who Responded Calmly When Stopped

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- A story from Deltona, Florida, shows just what can happen when people respond calmly and in a cooperative manner when stopped by police officers. Joseph Griffin, an African American man, was stopped by police officers while out jogging in late August in Florida.

When he was stopped, Griffin was calm and cooperative. He was questioned about a burglary incident nearby as he fit the description of a suspect. WSAV-TV reported that the deputies told Griffin they were searching for a black male with a beard, and who was wearing dark shorts and a white tank top.

Officers stopped Griffin because he fit the description, and not because he was black. You know how the Democrats would spin that one.

Griffin took out his phone and began live-streaming the incident on Facebook. On the video, a deputy can be heard politely saying, “Just bear with me, because you fit the description,” and “I’m not saying you’re guilty, but my sergeant’s telling me to detain you.”

Griffin tells the officer that he had a daughter who was born just two days ago, to which the officer reminds him he wasn’t under arrest. The deputy then offered to hold Griffin’s phone and continue recording the incident while he was placed in handcuffs, which went on for several minutes.

Unlike other incidents recently, which have seen people refuse to cooperate with the police owing to Black Lives Matter’s message that all black people should be scared of police officers, Griffin remained calm and told officers that it was “just a little bit scary” because of “everything going on.”

Officers told Griffin to see things through their eyes and reminded him they appreciated his cooperation.

When Griffin joked that he wasn’t trying to get shot, the deputy said, “Let’s avoid that race card ‘cause it ain’t here, I promise you that.”

The video goes on for 13 minutes and when another deputy arrives at the scene with a witness, they confirm that Griffin wasn’t the man they were looking for and released him. Deputies thanked Griffin for cooperating and, in the end, offered him a job.

Volusia County Sheriff Chitwood said that both Griffin and officers acted commendably.

“These deputies did an outstanding job given the limited information they had about a call in progress,” Chitwood said. “Likewise, Mr. Griffin was calm and cooperative even though he had reason to be frustrated with the inconvenience.”

Chitwood offered Griffin a job, saying they would “train and hire him as a deputy in a second if he ever wants a new job.”

See what happens when people don’t refuse to cooperate with officers? This is a story BLM needs to hear.