Police Arrest Suspect After Mass Shooting In Arkansas

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Arkansas police in the small town of Dumas have arrested a man in connection to a car show shooting. Last weekend, a hail of bullets left one person dead and 26 others injured.

The suspect, Brandon Deandra Knight, is a 22-year-old Jacksonville native. He was arrested Wednesday while being released from a hospital in Dumas. According to an Arkansas State Police news release, Knight sustained injuries during the gunfight.

Knight, charged with first-degree battery and aggravated assault, is currently held at the Dumas City Jail. He will appear in court Thursday.

A judge set Knight’s bond at $100,000.

The Saturday night gunfight was a shootout between two people at the car show. The event helps raise money for local scholarships and school funding.

The motive for the shootout is not known at this time.

Just two individuals got into a gunfight, but as is often the case, there were multiple victims who fell victim to the senseless act.

The injured included five young children, ranging from just 19 months old to 11-years-old.

The only fatality was Cameron Shaffer, a 23-year-old who died at Dumas Hospital.

The organizers of the event, The Hoodnic Foundation, said, “we are heartbroken and in shock at what took place during tonight’s car show.” They posted the sentiment to the group’s Facebook page.

Hoodnic refers to “Neighborhood Picnic.”

According to the Delta N.E.Y.O website, the annual Hood-Nic car show has been a tradition for the past 16 years. It takes place annually during spring break, and it raises funds for “scholarships, school supplies, and more, to deserving individuals.”

Witnesses were dazed.

One bystander, Debra Davis, said she was stunned that the shooting happened in such a small town.

“I just think it is a terrible incident, and I am praying for the families that are going through something like that,” Davis said.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson wrote on Twitter, saying the incident “represents a total disregard of the value of life.”

Arkansas police are continuing to investigate the incident.