Peter Navarro Says Ted Cruz Has “Lindsey Graham Disease”

( Peter Navarro, the author and economist who served as Assistant to the President under the Trump administration, swiped at Texas Senator Ted Cruz this week over his trip to the U.S. southern border and the video footage he’s published showing the massive influx of illegal aliens and children.

Dr. Navarro appeared Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast last week, arguing that Cruz is “burying the lede” on the story.

“Every time Ted Cruz goes down there and steps in front of a camera he’s got the Lindsey Graham disease,” he said on Wednesday.

“He’s got to step in front of the camera and goes, ‘humanitarian crisis.’ They’re burying the lede. The lede is you’ve got to secure the border,” he added.

Navarro was referring to a series of videos posted by Cruz, ranging from footage of detention centers overcrowded with children, babies, and adults, to footage of Cruz standing at the border and describing the humanitarian crisis called by President Joe Biden.

Since Biden took office, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have flooded the border, and detention facilities are well beyond capacity with hundreds of migrants being forced into units designed to accommodate dozens.

For Senator Cruz, it’s important to stress that the humanitarian crisis is happening right now under the Biden administration and not under the Trump administration, when detention facilities were far less densely populated and fewer migrants were crossing the border with the help of human traffickers.

But Navarro thinks it’s more important to focus on how the open border is making it easy for criminals to enter the United States.

“I’m actually tired of hearing about the good people coming up here,” he said. “Yeah they’re good people. But there’s also a whole lot of cartel people making a bunch of money, raping, killing, abusing.”

It’s precisely the message that former President Trump ran on in 2016, and one that won him the presidency. It has also been said that the COVID pandemic drew the attention away from Trump’s successes on the border, meaning it was less of an issue in the last campaign, and only now under the Biden administration can people see what the Democrats are doing.

Navarro said that the Biden border crisis will result in two million more illegal aliens in the United States.

But does Ted Cruz have a point about the Democrats crying “humanitarian crisis” during the Trump administration only to go on and create one themselves?