Pentagon Says Frostbite Is Hitting Soldiers In Ukraine

( You’d think a country used to invasions would have the ability to think ahead and not fall victim to something as simple as the weather. It’s been a problem and consideration since recorded time.
According to the U.S. Department of Defense, Russia’s troops in Ukraine have been suffering from frostbite. Ill preparedness left Russians on the battlefield with inadequate cold weather resources.
A Pentagon official relayed this finding to reporters last Tuesday.
The official said their equipment was not inadequate for the climate, and many soldiers were getting frostbite, taking them out of the fight.
Temperatures in Ukraine, on occasion, have dropped below freezing.
The Pentagon official added that the ground troops are a mess, suffering from a lack of food and not fully understanding their mission.
The Pentagon estimates that 10% of its fighting force in Ukraine has been lost. This estimate represents nearly 7,000 soldiers.
A report in Pravda had the estimate even higher; about 10,000 killed. Of course, as usual, that data was later scrubbed from the light of day. The Russian Ministry of Defense, laughably, has a casualty rate of around 500.
Despite the obvious puffery regarding their military prowess, the invasion of Ukraine isn’t going as planned. One can go to the internet and see footage of abandoned tanks and the strewn bodies of Russian soldiers. The active soldiers can access this information, and reports say that morale among the rank and file is waning quickly.
Observers from the UK’s Defense Ministry reported Russian invaders had been stopped in their tracks. At the same time, U.S. officials relayed that Ukrainian fighting forces are no longer on their heels and are beginning to regain ground previously lost.
These reports prompted fears that madman Putin would unleash biological and chemical weapons to regain the upper hand.
The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, has denied all adverse reports and said, in true Russian spokesman fashion, that all is “going according to plan.”
He said the low morale of the Russian forces is fake news created by Western media.