Pentagon Admits It Has No Idea What The UFOs Really Are

( Late last year, outgoing President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) and other intelligence agencies to release all information on UFOs in June 2021.

Trump’s order stemmed from the lack of a unified and comprehensive process “within the Federal Government for collecting and analyzing intelligence” on UFOs “despite the potential threat.”

And on Friday, June 25th the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released its preliminary assessment into UFOs.

From November 2004 to March 2021 there were 144 incidents of unidentified aerial phenomena. All incidents were reported by members of the US armed forces. According to the ODNI report, these sightings of unidentified craft appear clustered near US military sites, however, ODNI admits that this could be explained by the higher concentrations of sensors.

The report separates the unknown objects into five categories: airborne clutter (such as birds, balloons or random debris), atmospheric phenomena, classified programs by US corporate or government entities, technologies deployed by foreign nations or entities, and what the report refers to as “a catchall ‘other’ bin.”

The “catchall” category, according to the report’s authors, contain reports of objects “pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them.”

What the report does not specifically address is the possibility that extraterrestrial aircrafts are responsible for these unidentified objects.

Ultimately, this report maintains that unidentified aerial craft remain unidentified. Which seems rather self-descriptively obvious.

No doubt this preliminary report will not assuage concerns that the government is continuing to cover up what it knows about UFOs.

The mysterious cloak surrounding unidentified aerial craft has been a source of contention between the Pentagon and the public for years. And nothing in this report clears that up.

While it leaves many questions unanswered, the report concludes that one possible solution to solving the mystery is more government funding into research and development that would help further the “future study” of UFOs.

It always comes down to asking for money.