Pelosi Refuses To Committee On GOP Oversight Of Her January 6th Witch Hunt

( After refusing to commit to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Republican picks to sit on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s committee to “investigate” the “truth” about the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C., Speaker Pelosi has flat-out refused to accept McCarthy’s chosen candidates.

On Tuesday, Pelosi told CNN that she was not prepared to make a statement on whether or not she will accept Republican candidates to sit on the committee. Rep. McCarthy had proposed that House Judiciary Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas, and Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana sit on the committee.

All three Republicans chosen to sit on the committee voted against certifying Electoral College votes owing to evidence of voting fraud and misconduct that were ignored by the Democrats.

Pelosi then took the unprecedented decision to deny McCarthy’s chosen candidates, proving that the committee was a partisan tool to smear Republicans as “insurrectionists” all along.

McCarthy slammed Pelosi on Wednesday for taking the “unprecedented step” of denying the minority party’s picks for the committee, and said that it represents an “egregious abuse of power” that will “irreparably damage” the House.

McCarthy also criticized Pelosi for denying the voices of members who have served in law enforcement and the military – two institutions that Pelosi and the Democrats have attempted to suggest were put in danger by the January 6 riot, which was also wrongly blamed on former President Donald Trump.

Rep. McCarthy then pulled all Republican nominees to sit on the commission and suggested that the Republicans will establish their own investigation into the facts, denying Pelosi the ability to claim that her committee is “bipartisan.” Unless, of course, having anti-Trump Republicans like Liz Cheney on board the committee can be passed off as “bipartisan.”

She sure hopes it can be…

The committee will meet for the first time on Tuesday when it will hear from law enforcement officers about what they saw on January 6. Expect to hear nothing but accusations that Republicans incited an “insurrection” for the next few months…