Pelosi Heads To Oregon After GOP Group Looked To Get Meaningful Gains In Blue State

Just how bad is it for Democrats heading into the Midterm elections?

Bad enough that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was sent to deep-blue Oregon to host a roundtable event promoting the laughingly-named “Inflation Reduction Act” after a GOP group listed Oregon as one of the states where Republicans could see gains in the state legislature.

It was reported in the Oregon Capital Chronicle that the Republican State Leadership Committee has included Oregon among the blue states where Republican candidates could make “meaningful gains.”

Late last month, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was in Portland for a public safety roundtable meeting featuring Oregon Republican congressional candidates.

And last Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi joined Oregon Democrat Reps Earl Blumenauer and Suzanne Bonamici in the “Inflation Reduction Act” roundtable event organized by the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Afterward, Congressman Blumenauer was asked to respond to US automakers raising the price of certain electric vehicles after the Democrats passed the $740 billion boondoggle that includes a $7,500 tax credit to those purchasing certain electric vehicles.

Rather than address the issue, Blumenauer simply claimed that increasing federal tax subsidies will enable Americans to afford to purchase an electric vehicle.

But the main reason Nancy went to Oregon was to drum up support for Democrat congressional candidates.

The deep blue state has been getting a lot of nationwide attention as some of Oregon’s congressional districts are growing highly competitive.

While in Oregon, the nervous Pelosi held a fundraiser for Democrat House candidates where she vowed that the Democrats “intent to hold the House.”

Pelosi also predicted that not only would the Democrats maintain the majority, but “we intend to grow our numbers and Oregon is very important in that regard.”

Good luck with that, Nancy.