Pelosi Demands Illegal Immigrants Get FREE “Minimum Income” from Gov in Next Coronavirus Bill

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.Com)- Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again proven that she cares more about foreign criminals than American citizens, suggesting that the next coronavirus relief bill should include free money for illegal immigrants.

During a conference call with journalist Nicholas Ballasy, Pelosi said that the next relief package must include a guaranteed monthly income (free money from the government) for illegal immigrants with tax ID numbers. The fact that illegal immigrants have such numbers in the first place and haven’t been deported is controversial enough, but offering illegals free money won’t go down well with much of the voting public.

Ballasy asked Pelosi about “mixed-status” couples, meaning American citizens who are married to illegal aliens, and whether they should receive more money through stimulus payments under the CARES Act.

Ballasy, an independent reporter, also noted that Pelosi had discussed the option of giving guaranteed income to illegals last week but that she never specified a number that she deemed acceptable. Ballasy asked if her proposals for the next round of relief would “extend the guaranteed monthly income to illegal immigrants who file taxes with a tax ID number.”

She said it would.

“I think the tax ID number is an entrée for us in such an important way,” she responded. “It seems so simple. It seems so universal in how it has worked and that should be something that would apply.”

Pelosi went on to say that any path the politicians go down, whether it’s direct cash payments, or participation in the Paycheck Protection Program, the idea of giving a guaranteed income to illegals was “worthy of consideration.”

She also said that, according to her understanding of the Paycheck Protection Program, illegal aliens can already access the initiative and receive financial relief.

Pelosi even went one further, arguing that illegals without tax ID numbers should also be considered.

“But whatever we do, I think the tax number is an easy entrée to many more people who deserve this, who should get this, who are being cut out now – in whatever it is we are putting out there,” she said.

Is this the kind of platform Democrats think they can win on in 2020?