Pedestrians Yell “F Joe Biden” During Live Fox News Broadcast

( Monday, while a Fox News reporter was doing a live hit on the street in New York City, two passersby fired off the infamous “F**k Joe Biden.”

Fox News correspondent David Lee Miller was giving a live update on Broadway’s decision to close down because of the latest rise in COVID cases. As Miller was speaking about New York’s famous New Year’s Eve ball-drop and whether or not it will go on as scheduled, a man could be heard off-camera saying “F**k Joe Biden.” This was followed immediately by a woman repeating the phrase.

This display of Biden’s unpopularity comes after someone in San Francisco shouted “Let’s Go Brandon” while Speaker Nancy Pelosi was doing an Infrastructure event on the street.

One expects this kind of derision for Joe Biden in solidly red areas. But New York City and San Francisco are so blue they look oxygen-deprived.

Just how unpopular is this president? Well, the polling speaks for itself.

In the PBS/Marist poll released on Monday, Joe Biden’s overall approval rating was 41 percent with 55 percent disapproving.

The breakdown in numbers is even worse.

Marist found that 65 percent of Hispanics disapprove of the president and only 33 percent approve, putting Joe Biden 32 points underwater with a traditionally reliable Democrat voting bloc.

Biden is even further underwater with Independents, a group he won by a wide margin in the 2020 election. His approval among Independents is an abysmal 29 percent with 66 percent of Independents disapproving, putting him 37 points underwater.

The only demographics where Biden’s approval rating isn’t underwater are college-educated whites (52 percent approve/46 percent disapprove) and Suburban Women (57 percent approve/41 percent disapprove).