Ozzy Osbourne Gives Major Update After Life-Changing Surgery

(PresidentialInsider.com)- In his first statement after undergoing major surgery, Ozzy Osbourne
thanked his loyal followers for their support.
Ozzy directly spoke to his fans on social media to give an update on his health. Ozzy tweeted that he was finally home from the hospital and recovering comfortably. He said he could feel the love and support of his fans.

According to reports, while he didn’t provide his 5.4 million Twitter followers with much more information, he did make sure to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and best wishes during his recovery, as stated in the tweet.

His wife, Sharon Osbourne, earlier broke the news that he needed urgent, extensive surgery. Fans worried about Ozzy’s health after she informed them through an Instagram story that he was scheduled to undergo a “life-altering” treatment.

According to reports, Sharon later gave fans further details, disclosing that Ozzy had surgery to reposition his neck and back pins. After a fall, the pins were inserted during Ozzy’s prior operation in 2019.

After the procedure, there would be a lengthy amount of convalescence, according to a family source who previously spoke to a publication.
A nurse would probably be brought into the home during Ozzy’s rehabilitation. The insider explained that Ozzy is 73 and any sort of operation when you get older is difficult.

Confirming the news of Ozzy’s health on social media, along with a vintage image of Ozzy in his teens, Sharon Osbourne tweeted that he is doing “Terrific!”

In addition to having surgery, the former Black Sabbath singer recently received a stage 2 Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

At the time, Sharon explained to the media that there are wide varieties of Parkinson’s, but it’s not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination. However, it can damage particular neurons in the body. You can have a fantastic day, a very wonderful day, and then a horrible day.

Crazy. But that’s how it goes.